The Office on Mental Health/Core Services Agency of Harford, Inc.

We offer a Continuum of Crisis Response Services in Harford County


Staffed by trained phone counselors, you can reach someone 24 hours a day by calling 1-800 NEXT STEP or 410-874-0711. 

Counselors are here to assist people experiencing behavioral health crisis such as thoughts of suicide, depression, anxiety, psychosis, substance use disorders, and other behavioral health needs.

Whether you are in immediate crisis, need help connecting to resources or just could use a supportive listener today, phone counselors are here to help.

Mobile Crisis Teams

Available 24 hours a day, Mobile Crisis Teams respond to homes and the community to provide onsite mental health assessment and stabilization services.

Counselors will work with the person in crisis to assess current needs and connect to supports and resources to establish safety and treatment in the least restrictive environment.

To connect to a Mobile Crisis Team, contact 1-800-NEXT-STEP.

Families involved with Child Welfare System

Harford Crisis Response operates the Mental Health Stabilization Services (MHSS) for children and families involved with Harford County Department of Social Services Child Welfare Programs. 

The goal of MHSS programming is to maintain children in their current living arrangement, preventing out of home placements or movement between out of home placements.  MHSS offers youth and families a resource to call 24 hours a day for behavioral health support. 

Additionally, MHSS works with families to prevent crises from occurring, connect to supports for unmet behavioral health needs, and to develop safety plans. 

Call 1-800-NEXT-STEP to request additional information on enrollment.

School Intervention Services

Harford Crisis Response partners with Harford County Public Schools to provide School Intervention Services (SIS) for students experiencing behavioral health crises in the school setting. 

With parental permission, SIS can respond to the school setting to provide assessment and stabilization services with the goal of returning children to classrooms and connecting to ongoing support and resources. 

In addition to school-based crisis response services, participating students and families have access to 24/7 behavioral health support, care coordination and referral services, and home-based clinical care.

Call 1-800 NEXT STEP to request additional information on enrollment.

Substance Use Disorder Support

Harford Crisis Response has Certified Peer Recovery Specialists available to assist people experiencing substance use disorders in navigating systems of care and accessing needed support. 

Peers are people with lived experiences and specialized training who will take time to listen, share, and guide people through their recovery journey at their own pace.

Call 1-800 NEXT STEP to request additional information on enrollment.

Crisis Intervention Team (CIT)

A Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) program is a community-based approach for more effective interactions between law enforcement and individuals with mental illness and their families.

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Shawnta McMillian, LCPC

Shawnta McMillian, LCPC

Harford Crisis Response Program Director

Emma Stewart, LMSW

Emma Stewart, LMSW

Mobile Crisis Team Supervisor

Jamie Auer

Jamie Auer

Crisis Intervention Team Coordinator

Maya Gibbs, LMSW

Maya Gibbs, LMSW

Phone Counselor Team Supervisor

Kirsten Francis, LMSW

Kirsten Francis, LMSW

Youth Program Team Supervisor

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