Harford County Behavioral Health System

In Harford County, we are working to ensure the behavioral health needs of all citizens are being met, so that citizens can lead healthy and productive lives.

Behavioral Health System

Harford County has a unique behavioral health systems’ organizational structure. There are three entities that comprise this structure: the Harford County Health Department, the Office of Drug Control Policy, and the Office on Mental Health/Core Service Agency of Harford County, Inc. The Harford County Health Department provides treatment and recovery services, and functions as the Local Addictions Authority (LAA). The Harford County Government’s Office of Drug Control Policy is tasked with promoting and providing addiction prevention education.

Harford County has developed a strong system of care:

  • The Mental Health and Addictions Advisory Council (MHAAC)
  • The Local Health Improvement Coalition (LHIC)
  • The Overdose Intervention Team (OIT)
    The Harford County Mental Health and Addictions Advisory Council (MHAAC) now meets jointly with the Harford County Local Health Improvement Coalition (LHIC) Behavioral Health Workgroup and the Overdose Intervention Team (OIT). The three groups merged to form the MHAAC | LHIC | OIT in 2019 in order to streamline action for addressing mental and behavioral health priorities within the county.

For more information, visit the MHAAC’s website, linked here.

Partnership with Local Addictions Authority (LAA)

As the local behavioral health authority and systems manager for mental health services, the OMH/CSA has created a formal collaboration with our Local Addictions Authority to alleviate conflicts of interest, decrease duplication efforts, and increase collaborative communication.

"Office on Mental Health - Creating space for recovery, healing, and hope for all in Harford"