About Us

Developed in 1997, the Office on Mental Health/Core Service Agency of Harford County, Inc. (OMH/CSA) is a private non-profit organization that provides oversight, promotion, and support for the development of accessible, community-based behavioral health services in Harford County. The OMH/CSA was designed to advocate for, monitor and identify the needs of people engaged in the Harford County Public Behavioral Health System, while ensuring high-quality services are provided to all persons who are in need.

FY 23 Annual plan

Our Mission, Vision, and Values


Mission: The mission of the OMH/CSA is to work collaboratively to plan, develop, enhance, and monitor behavioral health services provided to individuals and families throughout Harford County.

Vision: A comprehensive, community-based, and recovery-oriented behavioral health system that supports cultural sensitivity and equality in our health system. This system encourages health literacy and ease of access among all individuals and families.

Values: The OMH/CSA is built upon the core values of equity, recovery, and resilience. We believe every individual has:

  • the right to quality mental health services
  • purpose, strength and the right to choose
  • the right to achieve wellness

Partnership with Local Addictions Authority (LAA)

As the local behavioral health authority and systems manager for mental health services, the OMH/CSA has created a formal collaboration with our Local Addictions Authority to alleviate conflicts of interest, decrease duplication efforts, and increase collaborative communication.

"Office on Mental Health - Creating space for recovery, healing, and hope for all in Harford"