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Health. Strength. Wellness.

We work with mental health consumers, providers and community partners in Harford County, MD to create comprehensive programs and services that are recovery oriented. View Real Challenges, Real Solutions video to hear from people in Harford County who live with mental illness. 

 Please help protect funding for behavioral health services by visiting, following the campaign twitter account @keepthedooropenmd, or tweeting the hashtag #keepthedooropenmd. Our message is stronger with your support!

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In Case of Emergency:

If you or a someone you love is having a behavioral health or substance use crisis, the Klein Family Harford Crisis Center can help.

The Crisis Center is open 24/7, and their team of experts provides specialized care that begins immediately. You are not alone. 




1-800-639-8783 OR


The KFHCC website is

The Klein Family Harford Crisis Center is located at
802 Baltimore Pike in Bel Air, Maryland

Many Harford County agencies
serve people in need:
The Harford County Resource Guide

Frequently Requested Forms


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For assistance, call the Office on Mental Health at 410.803.8726 

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Using your "Ticket to Work"


Want to make employment work . . . but worried about your Social Security disability benefits?

Contact the Maryland Employment Network, located in the Harford County Office on Mental Health. We may have answers for you. Learn more...

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