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Most recent statistics from 2014 indicate that there were 42,773 deaths by suicide in the United States, 606 in Maryland a rate of 9% per 1,000 people.  Suicide is the 10th leading cause of death in the United States for all age groups, a rate of 11.2 %; and everyday approximately 105 Americans die by suicide, which is one death every 12.3 minutes.  Research shows for every death by suicide, 18 people, known as suicide loss survivors, experience devastating effects and major life disruption.  Of Maryland’s 24 counties, Harford County has the seventh highest suicide completion rate, 11.4%, well above the State average.    

The goal of the Office on Mental Health/Core Service Agency of Harford County is to increase knowledge of behavioral health disorders and raise awareness regarding the impact of suicide on our local community, local law enforcement, and behavioral health professionals.  The Office on Mental Health/ Core Service Agency of Harford County is passionate about paving the way to confront behavioral health stigma head-on.  The stigma that often surrounds behavioral health keeps many people from seeking the help they need when they need it most.  In fact, most people living with behavioral health challenges say that the stigma they face causes shame and self-doubt, isolation, increased substance use, loss of hope in the ability to recover, and increased suicide risk. 

The Office on Mental Health/Core Service Agency of Harford County strives to make Harford County a suicide and stigma free community, through the development of partnerships and collaboration between public and private sector business’ and agencies.