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Every individual has:

  • Value, strength and the right to choose
  • The right to quality mental health services
  • The ability to achieve wellness

Programs and Services

In partnership with the State of Maryland Behavioral Health Administration, the Harford County Office on Mental Health monitors county public mental health service provision in order to bring comprehensive, community based culturally sensitive and recovery oriented services to individuals who need them.


Administration of federal, state and county funding to local service providers

We oversee and monitor grants and contracts to over 70 service providers and community agencies that provide mental health services to citizens of all ages in the public mental health system.

Technical assistance and administrative oversight

Staff at the Harford County Office on Mental Health includes an Adult Services Coordinator, a Child and Adolescent Coordinator and a Care Navigator to ensure high quality and responsive mental health service delivery.

System development of new and innovative programs

The Core Service Agency continually assesses the needs of people with mental illness and addictions. We use this information to build programs that meet the changing needs of people of all ages who have mental illnesses.

Complaint resolution

We provide mediation or a formal review process to address concerns about mental health service providers in Harford County.

Information & Referral to appropriate agencies

We provide contact information for the community support programs that can best respond to citizen need.

Adult residential referrals

We help find supervised living, typically in a group home setting, for people who need support with personal and household care due to a serious mental illness.

Child & Adolescent Respite referrals

We help find home-based, temporary care for children and adolescents with emotional and/or behavioral special needs to provide relief to their parents.

Emergency assistance for housing, utilities and medications 

Individuals with a serious mental illness may be eligible for temporary housing, emergency prescription coverage and lab tests. These funds are limited to those who have no other resources and need the services to stabilize their medical condition.

Legislative and community advocacy  

We work with community groups, government officials, lawmakers and the medical community to build the support systems that people with mental illness need to live and work in their communities.