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Harford County Office on Mental Health Annual Report

The Office on Mental Health-Core Service Agency of Harford County is pleased to present a comprehensive document containing the FY2015 Annual Report and FY 2017 Annual Plan. The FY2015 Annual Report reviews the numerous goals and accomplishments achieved from July, 2014- June, 2015. The FY2017 Annual Plan includes objectives, goals and strategies which will be used by us to guide the planning and activities of the Harford County public mental health system.


With the support and collaboration of our many partners we strive to improve the overall mental health of all citizens in Harford County. It is our belief that every person should have the opportunity to achieve a healthy, meaningful, and purpose-filled life.



Highlights FY 2015


Harford County served 7,332 people through the public mental health system (2,660 children/adolescents, 411 transitional youth (18-21) and 4,261 adults.) There was an increase of 1,044 people receiving public mental health services in FY15, an 16.6% increase over the previous year. Of those served in the public mental health system, 428 people were uninsured an increase of 47.6%.

OHM/CSA monitored $27.6 million through the fee-for-service system in Harford County.


In FY15, the OMH/CSA provided $3.3 million in grant funds for mental health services/programs from Federal, state & Harford County funds. OMH/CSA administered/oversaw 64 specialized contracts (5 Federal, 57 Maryland & 2 Harford County).


Office staff handled over 2,500 help/crisis calls and responded to over 21,000 clinical and administrative related emails. During the month of October used as a demonstration month by the Maryland Association of Core Service Agencies, the staff responded to 214 Help Calls for a total time of 27 1/4 hours. In analyzing the calls, 206 of the 214 consumers identified that they were satisfied with the results of their call to the CSA (96%). Staff also attended numerous consumer coordination meetings with providers and County and State agencies.


The OHM/CSA served 330 persons by providing consumer support funds received through grants from the Mental Hygiene Administration and Harford County Department of Community Services. The funds are administered as Client Support Funds from the State as well as Disaster Assistance funds and Mental Health Diversion Funds through the County.


Overall these funds met emergency needs of people with mental illness by providing hotel shelter, help for utility bills and apartment security deposits as well as prescription medications which is a priority consumer need. Harford County DAC funding assisted residents who were made homeless through fire and weather-related events, as well as others who were on the brink of homelessness. Significantly, the combined funds provided medication assistance to 33 consumers, emergency housing to 133 consumers for 268 bed nights, Security Deposits affecting 47 people, Eviction prevention affecting 48 people, Utility cut-off prevention affecting 64 people, Residential placement screenings for 3 consumers to assist with independent housing, birth certificate for a consumer and a translator for a hearing consumer.


The OMH/CSA participated in/presented at 91 training events and community education activities. The purpose of these activities was to educate mental health providers, consumers, law enforcement and the general public about mental health issues, and resources available.